Wherein I Move a Lot of Words Around

The First Domino

Meijer is first MCX member to break ranks, continuing to support Apple Pay:

When Re/code asked MCX for a comment, COO Scott Rankin said:

I think if they want to go forward and continue to accept Apple Pay, down the road at some point if they want to be a customer of MCX and roll out CurrentC and offer it to customers that’s great.

No, we don’t know what that means, either.

Apparently MCX wasn't expecting to have to issue that kind of statement. It looks like an attempt to be positive, yet still ambiguous about their position.

History is not on their side. MCX has created a solution that protects and benefits the merchants. NFC has created a solution that protects and benefits the consumer. Money comes from the consumer. It's only a matter of time before this one settles down, I think.

I'm sure Walmart et al will find another place to scrape 2-3% off their margins, as usual -- probably by pushing more employees on public assistance, as usual. I provide zero sympathy for their plight (as usual).