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Note that's a "pretty" ellipsis at the end -- one you make with Option-;.

Immutable Mutable

Type 'NSMutableArray' does not conform to protocol 'MutableCollectionType'

I really just have no words for that.


Coding in Swift would be much easier if the damned IDE (the only one that you can use for it today) would actually work when editing Swift code.

As it stands, however, Xcode regularly tries to compile while you're halfway through writing a symbol and then leaves the error up there for minutes at a time until you manually tell it to re-build the file. Then if you do something unexpected like actually delete something and then type something new then the syntax highlighting (and general language-based parsing) get boned all to hell and give you nonsense like this:

mis-highlighted code

Even worse is that SourceKit is perma-boned somehow after this so things like option-delete to kill a word wind up removing either half a symbol or the current one and part of the one previous. To get it back you have to close the file and re-open it.

This is Xcode 6.1. Release. Not beta.

This shipped.

Perhaps escaped is a better verb.

Nice one, Xcode

Xcode SSL error

The certificate is invalid because either they or Akamai are experimenting with self-signed certs on the CDN. To fix it, open in Safari and choose to trust the certificate.

What gets me the most though? "Would you like to connect to the server anyway?" has one choice: "OK" — which then cancels instead.

This Wouldn't Have Happened Under Steve (Except Yes, It Would).

Text From Xcode


If you've never read Text From Xcode, go. Now.