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Shut Up Sooner

Hey, podcasters: shut up sooner. I can only keep up with so many 90-120m episodes a week.

Radio shows have turned meeting a mark into a science. Listen to a few and figure it out. Science Friday is a great example (of pretty much everything regarding an audio show).

Irradiated Vegetables


Me: “Boys, eat your vegetables.”
Wife: “Right! How do you think superheroes get so strong?”
Me: “Well, radiation mostly…”


Online Habitat

The Epic Effort to Bring a Groundbreaking Online RPG Back to Life:

Yet for all the precedents it set and its significance in gaming history, Habitat is largely unknown beyond hardcore fans. And among those who know about it, few have played it. Handy wanted to change that. “Videogame history is nothing if not preserved in a playable form,” he said. “Without being able to play a game, one cannot appreciate it fully. Imagine walking through an art gallery with the lights turned off.” Handy wanted to turn the lights on.

You Either Learn To Survive It Or You Die

Former Apple managers discuss hectic work culture: “These people are nuts. They’re just there all the time.”:

I’ve also tried to explain to people by using analogy, ’cause they ask, “What’s it like being around Steve and Avie [Tevanian] and Bertrand and Scott and Phil and Tim?”

And I said it’s a lot like working in a nuclear power plant but you don’t get one of those protective suits. It’s a lot of radiation and you either learn to survive it or you die.

In Which the Government Gets What It Deserves

US top cop decries encryption, demands backdoors:

"It is fully possible to permit law enforcement to do its job while still adequately protecting personal privacy,” Holder said

Well, maybe if you’d tried that first we wouldn’t be here, now would we?

ComputerCOP: the dubious “Internet Safety Software” given to US families | Ars Technica

ComputerCOP: the dubious “Internet Safety Software” given to US families | Ars Technica:

Furthermore, by providing a free keylogging program—software that operates without even the most basic security safeguards—law enforcement agencies are passing around what amounts to a spying tool that could easily be abused by people who want to snoop on spouses, roommates, or co-workers. EFF conducted a security review of ComputerCOP while also following the paper trail of public records to see how widely the software has spread. Based on ComputerCOP’s own marketing information, we identified approximately 245 agencies in more than 35 states, plus the US Marshals, that have used public funds (often the proceeds from property seized during criminal investigations) to purchase and distribute ComputerCOP. One sheriff’s department even bought a copy for every family in its county.

SSL for You, and for You, and for You…

The Weird Way the Heartbleed Bug Made the Web More Secure | WIRED:

Over the weekend, the world wide web became a lot more secure. That’s because a San Francisco started called CloudFlare turned on a free service that will let its 2 million customers add SSL encryption to their websites.

So, That's Suddenly Less Doable

Apple Watch Hands-On: The Wristwatch Just Caught Up To The 21st Century | aBlogtoWatch:

The Apple Watch in steel has a more durable case, sapphire crystal, as well as ceramic elements. I have hypothesized that it will be priced at around $500, but other sources have estimated that the steel Apple Watch will be priced as high as $1,000 – a price that would not surprise me.

Apparently the $350 is for the Sport only.  Ouch.

U.S. Law Enforcement Seeks to Halt Apple-Google Encryption of Mobile Data - Bloomberg

U.S. Law Enforcement Seeks to Halt Apple-Google Encryption of Mobile Data - Bloomberg:

“This is a very bad idea,” said Cathy Lanier, chief of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, in an interview. Smartphone communication is “going to be the preferred method of the pedophile and the criminal. We are going to lose a lot of investigative opportunities.”

You know they’re scared when they skip the terrorist line and go straight to bringing out the pedo language.

Whatever did they do before smartphones?  Maybe they forgot how to actually investigate instead of spy, crack, and generally abuse people’s privacy.  That’s the scary thought, not encrypted data.

My, What a Large Wallet You Have

Samsung Supplying Apple with Panels for iPad Air 2 and 12.9-Inch ‘iPad Pro’ Later This Year:

The iPad Air 2 is rumored to feature a slightly thinner body, a faster A8 processor, 2GB of RAM, support for Apple Pay, and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Meanwhile, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is said to include a more powerful A8X processor to power its large, high-resolution display.

I dare you to try and pay by holding up a 13” tablet.